Upendo Service Trip 2016

As Americans we embrace milestones in our lives. For women, the first time a girl has her period she is entering womanhood. As Americans there are many aspects of daily life that we take for granted because almost every item – necessity or luxury – is readily available. How would you feel if you or a woman in your life had to pluck a chicken for its feathers to use during a period because you didn’t have access to feminine products?

Over 3 million girls in Kenya miss six weeks of school every year due to lack of pads.  As a result of that they end up using corn husks and chicken feathers, goat hides, old rags and mattresses during their menstrual periods because they can’t afford to get pads. Some of these girls as young as 11 years are trading themselves in exchange for cheap gifts like pads.

Upendo Women’s Foundation helps girls in Africa access sustainable feminine hygiene products.  We want to encourage and empower all women while at the same time provide for their very personal needs with dignity. Our goal is to help reach 10,000 girls in 2016 in Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi. We are asking you to help us not only by donating to this vital mission but to do so by sponsoring one girl. It only takes $25 to sponsor one student with a solution that will last up to 3 years. Most people spend more than $25 a month on coffee and that $25 could help these girls discover their potential and self-value that will help them to thrive, grow and contribute to their community’s betterment while ensuring quality sustainable feminine hygiene solutions.​
When you sponsor a girl through the Upendo Womens Foundation your sponsored girl will receive a dignity kit.

The Upendo dignity kit items include:
2 pairs panties/underwear
2 waterproof shields
8 reusable pads
A drawstring bag
Bag to carry soiled items
A booklet explaining how to use and care for the products as well as understanding menstruation.

Through advocacy we are reaching out to people to help raise awareness and educate them as to how we can eliminate the stigma of menstruation and thus eliminate shame and give them back their dignity.

YOU are needed…. TAKE ACTION​!!

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